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these services.

  • Solar Cross Reading with David

    1 Hour

    The first of four readings, reflecting a Soul Poem for your life.  Based on the degree of the Sun at your birth, these readings are insightful towards fulfilling a vision of your  incarnation.


  • Couple's Guidance with David and Lila

    1 Hour and 30 minutes

    Largely based on our book, "Conscious Wedding Handbook" We love supporting couples to find their version of Sacred Union.


  • Sophia Lineage Online Course, Starts April 9, 2020

    21 LESSONS over internet

    Courses in Sophia Lineage, and the Goddess of America online.  This is a special price for a these times!! Sophia begins April 12th and will run for 7 weeks. Free Intro on APRIL 9th!



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