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We all have choices to make that can affect the Whole. Following are some simple practices cultivated for years at The StarHouse in Boulder which might assist us in Remembering our connection to the Whole, even as we explore aspects of isolation!

Imagine that we can, (each one as a part of a community, and as a reflection of the Whole) turn sacred attention towards a healthy awareness of the whole Earth for a few moments every day. As well as to build and strengthen Connection to the organic web of life (not only the web as the internet!) The end result could be less feelings of isolation and loneliness, with a potential to weave a stronger web of life—to feed and to be fed by that web.

Here are some suggestions:

1. With all the attention towards “social distancing”—explore shifting intention towards appropriate physical distance, but stay connected energetically, through compassion and awareness of “other”—move from absence to Presence. Choose relationship through building a fabric of social awareness. Energy follows thought.

2. Practice a fundamental principle of magic through resonance. Example: “Fully Occupy __________(your name); then Occupy Gaia (or Earth).” When I am really “in” my 4 bodies (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual) I can resonate with how to feel the Earth, and to support her process at this time.

Here are some ways to explore “occupying” which involve simple ritual conversations with the 4 elements.

1. AIR: Listen, to the sounds of Earth as a living being: the wind, bird song, the sounds of voices. Breathe deeply—as you fill your lungs, perceive the lungs of the Earth breathing deeply as well. Generate positivity as you hear the sounds of Life, and amplify that in your imagination. SING! (I have placed and artistic rendering of corona virus on my altar, and I sing to it with a simple “AH” of four notes. Not sure yet what this actually does, but I believe that what we resist persists—and when we enter relationship, we are no longer a victim to something outside us.)

2. WATER: Create a blessing with water, a fine spray mist to honor the gentle rains, or a dip into water with your fingers to bless your body, as the body of the planet. Every time you wash your hands, pause to think of the miracle that is water! Amplify Gratitude for it at every opportunity. Then sense gratitude magnifies through resonance to all the water in the air, in the ground, flowing as streams, oceans, etc.

3. EARTH: Ground your being with a sense of gravity, (the love of Earth that pulls us to her center) then connect with a gem or mineral, or a small bowl of earth to feel the blessing of incarnating—to feel the wonder of living on a planet that is alive. Feel the touch of your own hands on your feet, on your elbows—don’t lose touch, even as you monitor and shift from touching your face!

4. FIRE: Warmth becomes the generation of life in the core of each cell; there is a power in the solar plexus that reflects the love of the sun. The warmth of the sun is what powers the cycles of life, keeping us engaged, nourished and connected to all the stars. Fire is a source of inspiration, that allows us to find our place

Occupy Self; then Occupy Gaia. Sacred imagination is one of the greatest gifts to humanity.


At 12:12 every day, take a moment of silence to sense the whole Earth alive and healthy. If you are connected to The StarHouse, you can feel yourself inside the temple, in the Stillness while feeling the Living Earth. I have set a gentle phone alarm that reminds me to feel that sacred moment and I stop every time I hear it, to be Still. There’s a good number of people dedicated to this practice and one can start to feel “the others” in the Silence.

Set an altar of the 4 elements in your house or yard and visit every day. Find a practice that works for you to participate with that altar. Connect with 3-4 friends who are willing to explore this practice and communicate regularly with them.

Wake up, outside this Story, so as not to feel like a victim of it. Realize that the Story is not over and many choices are being made daily. We do have an influence on what is happening. There are spiritual energies at work to assist us, and the earth, over this threshold.

Consider joining the April 4th global meditation:

The StarHouse will begin offering some collective practices as podcasts in the days ahead. Stay tuned as we develop these programs! Love and gratitude for all life!

Lila Tresemer

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